Issue with logs not showing on profile after name change

Hi there,

My warcraftlogs profile is messed up. I changed my mages name from Johalius to Johaliusmage, and then changed the name of my warlock to Johalius.

But the website didn’t see that update apparently, my profile at is still pointing to my mage.

The correct character is Johalius @ Area-52 US. Armory profile:

Could you please help me resolve this issue? Really worried right now - we had mythic raid last night and I had some really good parses but I don’t see them on my profile and am worried that I won’t ever see them because of this issue.

Your help is very much appreciated here


And could my saved logging reports please be reapplied to my warlocks profile after it is fixed? So that my parse %s are visible. That would be awesome. Thanks again, in advance.

Send mail to with this information. Thanks.

Hey Kihra,

Thanks for the quick response! Already sent, yesterday afternoon.


Hey Kihra, I have yet to hear back from support. Can I expect an update soon?

Support is running about a week behind right now. Sorry, I’m the only one who can handle character merge issues like this, since they’re complicated, and I have a zillion support tickets at the moment.

Oh no :(((((