Buffs and Debuffs Support

I have implemented preliminary buffs and debuffs support for WildStar Logs. Let me know if you run into any bugs or issues with the new feature.

This requires v1.2 of the client uploader application and v1.5 of the WildStarLogger add-on, which is available on Curse.

The uploader completely froze for me yesterday while uploading a Logic/Life kill log and I had to forcefully close it.
I split the WildStarCombatLog.txt and tried reuploading the full log again and this time it can’t get past “Upload of New Players, NPCs and Pets Successful.” on the same fight.

This is the log where I tried to reupload it. We killed Logic/Life right after Fire/Earth so it stopped there.

Here is the full log http://puu.sh/qpE6e/d0358bd00f.zip . It breaks at around 80%.

Ok, will take a look.