Azuregoz frost mage rank problem

Heroic The Nighthold ranking Frost Mage

Mage Калант

My character has taken the following places on the server Azuregos

Skorpyron 4 place
Chronomatic Anomaly 3 place
Trilliax 3 place
Spellblade Aluriel 1 place
Tichondrius 2 place
Star Augur Etraeus 2 place
Krosus 1 place
High Botanist Tel’arn 1 place
Grand Magistrix Elisande 1 place
Gul’dan 3 place

In this All Stars (Mage) of my character is not present. Why is not the All Stars rank updated?
But by this link my character is present.

All Stars updates every 24 hours. I see your character at the top.