Ast's DPS(e) is being calculated incorrectly in A6s

I just uploaded my fight last night and notice that as I’m playing AST, getting 553.2 on DPS(a), but only 179.8 on DPS(e). Looking at the same fight for my sch on 644.1 DPS(a) and 443.7 DPS(e) the transition to DPS(e) for Ast kinda too low.

I also explore other Ast on the same fight A6s and many of them also have this weird DPS(e) as well although some of them dont like in this fight :

Everything looks fine to me on the link you pointed out. You’ll have to give me another example.

here’s example on my parse = (a) 553.2 (e) 179.8

There’s nothing wrong there as far as I can tell. DPS(a) is “active time” DPS. It doesn’t really mean much for a healer, since it would only be including the time you chose to actively DPS. DPS(e) is your real DPS, i.e., total damage / total fight time. In this case A6S total fight time excludes the downtime between bosses.