API not retrieving private logs

Hello, When I am a member of a guild that has private logs, I still can’t retrieving these logs using api, is this a bug?

Not a bug no. Private logs are not accessible from the API.

Even if my api key is from a character that is a member of this guild?

This is info from the website above api keys:

The secret key will be used for OAuth authorization and enable access to private information (like your guild's private reports).

Any ETA on this? Or a way around it to retrieve private logs by api?

You can make the logs unlisted and then they can be accessed, but no, I have no eta on the ability to get to private logs. There are a lot of security concerns and UI issues to work out with that, since allowing a random guild member to use the API to expose their guild’s logs could be iffy.

What about allowing guild officers to view private logs based on their API key?

Yeah, just saying there’s a lot to figure out. Would need to implement an OAuth server, add UI for access logs so officers could see who exposed their private logs and to what apps they exposed them, etc. It’s on my list of possible future features, but no ETA on it.

It’s a bit of a shame as there is currently no other way than using api to aggregate entire raid tier logs into one massive chunk of data. For example to calculate people survivability not from 30 but from 300+ pulls.

Or to calculate how many times someone failed.