API Docs Update

Will there be an FFLogs API Doc update with new features?
I want to utilize the API but am finding it difficult to find things such as combined healer DPS/rank, and the new rDPS aDPS pDPS metrics. Does anyone know if there are plans to update the docs? And if not, does anyone know how I would find those metrics?

Combined rank isn’t supported by the API.

For rdps metrics, just put the “r” in front of any place you would have said “dps”, e.g., “dps” becomes “rdps”, “bossdps” becomes “bossrdps”, etc.

Sad to hear, do you know if there’s plans to add it, or how one might replicate it from the API if possible?

As for the rDPS, does this also work for aDPS and pDPS?

The “dps” metric is aDPS. pDPS is not ranked.