Rank discrepancy on the same fight, logged from two different players

EDIT: Bug resolved by the discord peeps


Was just randomly logging some fights with a few friends until we noticed a rather large discrepancy on rDPS and ranking placements for some of the players in the fight. In the first log, given below as (1), you can see that the logs are listed as:
65 NIN, 31 RDM, 7 MNK, 37 BRD, 92 DRK, 61 PLD, 51 SGE, and 81 AST.
(1) FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF

However, on the second log (2) of the SAME FIGHT, logged by another player, the rDPS completely changes, and the previous rankings changes to:
43 NIN, 15 RDM, 7 MNK, 23 BRD, 91 DRK, 60 PLD, 51 SGE, and 99 AST.
(2) FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF

Is there an explanation or reason for the discrepancy in rdps/rankings, or is this a bug?

Best regards