Suggestion for FF14 Rankings Next Expansion

With the introduction of aDPS and rDPS, and its success, I suggest that another metric be added, nDPS - aka neutral dps.

As of right now rDPS is the go to metric for personal evaluation and ranking, but it is more in line with class to class/raid evaluation. As we all/most of us know, rDPS removes any damage contribution from buffs and gives them to the player who performed the buff. This is very useful for analyzing class v class. aDPS removes all single target buffs from the player but does not reassign it to anyone.

I propose for next expansion nDPS be added and be the primary ranking metric. nDPS would be where buffed damage is removed and not introduced back to any player. Some classes (In effect) alrdy have nDPS, tanks, WHM, and the greedy dps. By having nDPS added and the primary rank on the site, then the other classes who are heavily buffers, can rank their personal rotation better and not have the PARTY effect the PERSONAL dps rankings. For certain classes this is a serious ranking issue (especially for the large range of mid (green, blue, and some purple) ranked players).

Thanks for reading this.