Any way to cull (or re-sort) jobs on character profile?

I have managed to play several jobs that ended up on FFlogs via other peoples parses. I’m really only interested in the logs for my main job, and sometimes they’re getting bumped and I have to click extra things to see them if I have played other jobs on the same fight. Is there any way to sort out of just not show the parses of only certain jobs on the character? I don’t want to hide ALL the parses, but ya’ll don’t need to see my terrible alt job parses.

It’s really not a huge deal as I’m hardly competitive. It’s just annoying that on some fights, it’ll show my BRD as default, and sometimes it shows my RDM as default, and so on, when I’d just like BRD to be the only one (or the default) showing when I look at my profile.

Yeah I think this is a solid feature idea, i.e., the ability to hide parses by job.