Character primary Job not updating after months [Bug?]

Friend’s character has been showing her RDM logs as default every time you go to her page. She hasn’t raided on RDM for months, it has the lowest % logs, and also only v1-2s logs.

She has lots of current logs uploaded with SMN that are both higher percentile and with more of the tier cleared, and the same for AST. SMN is her current main job but the logs always default to RDM no matter how many current logs are posted.

We’ve tried re-importing her character and unlinking the character then re-importing, but nothing seems to change which job her page is defaulting to.

Is there any way to solve this?

Whats the character name and server?

Emma Rose, Ultros

It uses the job you have the most parses on. Right now RDM is tied with SMN and AST. You have 12 on all of them. Just put up one more parse from SMN or AST and it should switch over.

Oh, thank you. I didn’t realize it was based on the total number of logs, rather than the most progression.