Level 1 Alt with same name as my main has half of my old parses


I posted a somewhat similar thread about logs being split between two different listings before, but this is fairly different - My parses are now split between two different characters (both belonging to me, but one of them is a lvl1 alt).

Prior to FFLogs being updated all of my parses from Famfrit (my old server) and Leviathan (my current server) were under one listing, on my Leviathan character’s page. My lvl 1 alt on Famfrit with the same name as my main was never listed under FFLogs (literally never touched, only there as a placeholder for my name) until recently when the split happened. I’m assuming this is because the parses happened and were logged under Famfrit, and registered the parses under my alt with the same name. Fair enough, in that case - I can understand why it happened.

My question is- is this fixable? Would I have to end up deleting my lvl1 alt in-game to switch the parses back to my Leviathan character’s page?

The parses in question:
https://www.fflogs.com/character/id/115006 (Famfrit alt, looking under HW savage fights, you will find many parses there)

https://www.fflogs.com/character/na/leviathan/evalara%20fayth (Leviathan main, current parses from Creator onward are there, but are missing half of my Famfrit Creator parses/Midas/Gordias and many of my Ex Primal parses - pretty much more than half of my cumulative parses.)