A12S' interaction with Temporal Stasis and Ground AoEs

If party members leave ground effect AoEs (i.e. Shadow Flare, Salted Earth, etc.) before Temporal Stasis, the extra 3 ticks are being attributed to an additional entity known as “Ground Effect” instead of the owner of the ability. The duration on ground effect AoEs are determined by a buff on the player which is then frozen by Temporal Stasis. The extra ticks this offers are having their damages recorded but not properly attributed to their owner during this time.

So the buff runs longer than its normal duration?

Yes, the mechanic freezes the buff timers for its duration which amounts to 3 server ticks. Since ground AoEs are a personal buff and not a set duration, the frozen duration extends their effectiveness by those 3 server ticks.The damage during that time freeze happens and is recorded under the new entity “Ground Effect” instead of being given to the owner of the ground AoE. I’ll link a specific parse.


One Shadow Flare also seems to do 2 ticks rather than 3 during it. It might be that you only get 2-3 server ticks during the duration of Temporal Stasis but I am unsure.