O3S kill is including a wipe

Link to parse

Shows a 19:54 kill, actual kill starts around 8:26. Both myself and our AST who uploaded both got the same result.

I’m having the same problem… this happened the 2nd time. Seems like it combined the kill and previous wipe to one encounter in FFlogs. This time, FFlogs shows 14:30 kill time but ACT shows 11:35 kill time.

I tried to see if i can just export this encounter to upload it on its own… but fflogs only accepts log file and ACT export is *act file. Any way to resolve this conflict?

I just had this happen to me as well in Lakshi EX. There was one wipe, which was combined into the kill (after uploading the report, it claims we had a “64% kill”). I habitually manually each encounter after a fight - or wipe - so ACT shows them as separate encounters.

I noiticed on o4s a lot of our wipes were being bunched together, it has to do with chaining pulls back to back. Essentially we’d wipe and our MT would start a 10 second pull timer as we rez’d. The only solution I have is to just increase the interval you wait between pulls. I dont have a solution for pulls that were already combined.

I just don’t understand why it shows up on ACT correctly as separate encounter but uploaded differently on FFLOGS.

I can’t use a user-defined encounter timeout for boundaries. The reason why should be obvious (too subject to hacking/trolling). Also, this is at the ACT level and not in the log anyway.

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