Broken Logs, while Server Issues from May 21st 2020

First of all i wanted to ask/confirm, that the Allstar-points changes is related to the Server Issues from that day i lost like half of my Allstar Points; Character Link:ît#
But my main question is, if you can restore broken logs which where made/finished when the homepage did go down, my guildmate was liveloging and the whole nefarian fight is missing, if not other stuff is broken.
2 Links to the Logs:

While we where really stacked on buffs and many of our guildmembers could improve theire logs, we would really appreciate if you could repair restore the loggs/nefarian fight i could upload log files aswell if necessary, my gmate are sending these to me.

Greetings Ifrît

I re-exported your log, so when all stars update later tonight, this should correct itself.

@ Kihra
Allright thank you, so by the time the update is done the nef fight should show up again ? or you mean only the isue with the allstar points?
Sorry for posting the Issue without all Information, my Guildmate found the Nefarian fight somehow he restored it, is it possible to add it to the unfinished logs? only if its necessary.
Nefarian Logs:

Thank you for answering that fast.
Greeting Ifrît