Wrong character in rankings

Edit: first example is fixed. Deleted and reimported my character, then exported the log. The second one is still bugged though.

If you look at this log, under the analyze tab:


I’m the scholar, and I show up correctly as my character (Sen Takatsuki).

But, if you look at the rankings:


For some reason, a random guy (Alphonse Silverhand) from a different server has the ranking attributed to him (which is a shame cause I’m bad at scholar heh heh).

This only happens for Alte Roite when I run as a scholar. It’s actually the second time this has happened.

This is the “analyze” from the first time:


And here is the rankings tab:


These reports are uploads from different users, so it’s not a problem with my logs or anyone else’s logs. It happens no matter who uploads it.

I sent this originally as an email after clicking contact us, but im posting it here for visibility. Any other fflogs users have this issue?