Rankings not Uploading to Character Profile

In the last day I’ve been trying to upload a few fights to the fflogs site, but the rankings are not showing up officially. I am set to the right region and uploading to the characters I normally do. Even when I hit export to try and re-upload the logs the same thing happens, where the ranking unlists itself and doesn’t get posted.
Does anyone know why this might be happening, or have a fix for it?

Update your character from the upper right of your character page then go to the report rankings section and click Export (and follow either Twitter or Discord so you don’t miss announcements that explain what is going on). :slight_smile:

Thanks for the assist, that fixed it. I’ll make sure to follow on discord to keep up to date on announcements from now on :slight_smile:

Where is the report rankings section?

After picking a fight, click Rankings upper right.