WoW Classic AQ40 Progression Rankings

When looking at the aq40 progression rankings for my server on warcraft logs, guilds with 5/9 - 8/9 bosses downed are displayed as 9/9 as long as they have downed C’Thun despite not actually having completed the raid or the other 1-4 bosses available. My guild was the first horde guild to complete all nine bosses but is displayed as 3rd place on the server behind two guilds that have still yet as of the time of my writing to kill Viscidus. Additionally as said before, they are also still displayed at 9/9 when in reality they are not.

I am fine with them being displayed at first to beat C’Thun, sure, but they do not deserve to be above us in the progression rankings especially as they have still not cleared the entire raid more than 60 hours after the content has been released while we have.

At least add a separate category for full 9/9 and first C’Thun


It was announced well in advance that Cthun was the progression end boss (just as Hakkar was the end boss for ZG with its optionals).

I cannot really support a progress system without an end boss resulting in being marked as fully cleared, since too many people mess up logging, leave out bosses, split logs across multiple nights and only upload the back half, etc.

If I were to actually require a log of all 9 bosses for progress, I would have hundreds of support tickets and be making manual corrections for every boss someone forgot to log. It just isn’t feasible to have a progress system work this way.

If Blizzard had implemented a real progress API, then a 9/9 model could have been viable, but there’s no way to make that work with purely log-based progress.