Will other logs in SoD be invalidated in the future?

The recent invalidation logs in SoD that included a mechanical greench (or dog whistle, or spiked collar) makes me wonder if this is likely to happen in future phases?

I saw a lot of discussion about whether it was ok to use to the dog whistle / spiked collar, and those parses remained untouched (giving the impression that warcraft logs were fine with it), until after the mechanical greench was widely used.

To avoid parses being invalidated again, is there a list of items that are already known about (obviously anything SoD specific can’t be predicted), that will invalidate logs in future phases?

Is there some place I should keep an eye on for information like this? (I’m no parser, just a casual trying to get better, so apologies if there’s something obvious I missed)

Only thing I can see is that I guess the cinder bracers will invalidate logs when they become available? What about various buffs though?

Will the dog whistle and spiked collar still invalidate parses in phase 2+ (when they’re very easily obtainable by anyone)?

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Hi there, it can be difficult to predict the impact and what the community cares for. In general, all the invalidations are community-driven. I recommend joining us on Discord (Warcraft Logs) to keep up with the relevant discussions there.

Things probably worth keeping an eye on is Battle Chicken (225 engineering req, which potentially makes it gnome only next phase), Defender of the Timbermaw, Fishliver oil, etc. Could also be other holiday items, but they are rarely in the combat log and sometimes undetectable.

I believe we will keep Dog Whistle and Spiked Collar invalidated in future phases too.

Thanks for the answer and some clarification, I’ll join the discord and keep an eye on discussions there.

Now with phase 2 out do you think the mechanical harvester kit will be invalidated? or will it be treated like other engineering items like the grenades?

Hi, currently no plans to ban the Mechanical Harvester, though if the community wants that, we are always open to adjusting. The best way to join that discussion is on Discord Warcraft Logs