What are the tiny class icons on my character profile

Hello, so my static cleared p1s but the logs don’t reflect on my fflogs profile.edit. this has been fixed because I clicked the handy dandy export button on the fight. I have linked the character and updated the fflogs profile.

So I did some research and noticed the little class icons underneath my name and server on my fflogs profile are either grey or lit up which I have zero understanding as to what they are associated with. Lit up presumably means being max level and having logs associated with it because it is now bright and shiny like a badge. Grey possibly means having any logs at all associated with it in all of history or just being max level however my blm isn’t 90 so I am extremely confused.

Fflogs character profile: Cursed Sapling - Typhon - FF Logs
Lodestone profile: Cursed Sapling | FINAL FANTASY XIV, The Lodestone
P1S clear log: FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF

What exactly do these class icons mean and why isn’t my level 90 reaper I cleared p1s with not lit up?