Logs uploading to personal logs but not character profile

I’m not usually the type of person to go to forums and I’m completely new to logging so I think I might just be doing something wrong, but for whatever reason any logs I upload are not showing up on my character profile.

character profile: Suzume Torioi - Sargatanas - FF Logs
log example: FF Logs - Combat Analysis for FF
in other forum posts I’ve found about this the problem has been that the region of the log uploaded and the region of the character are different: that’s not the case for me, the log is uploading in NA and I am on the NA servers.

The only other thing of note I’ve been able to find is a line in my most recent log (I think it’s in the others too) that reads: “WARNING: Could not locate VTable references for: ChatLog . If this persists after login, some functionality will not work.” I don’t know what it’s talking about, is uploading to character profiles the “functionality” it’s talking about? How can I fix that?

I’m really sorry to be a bother but I’ve uploaded like three different logs in the last few days trying to figure out what the problem is and I’ve been looking for solutions for hours.

Savage shows by default if you have any kills on it. You can switch the difficulty dropdown to Normal to look at Normal mode kills instead of Savage.

Is it “standard”? because that’s what it defaults to, but there’s nothing in “non-standard”.

WAH sorry for the multiple replies;; still figuring this thing out

OH wait nvm there it is ^^ ty!! Should I close this topic or soemthing? I don’t know how to do that X-X