[WCL] Filter Healing by Harmful Ability healed

Hej everyone!

After trying to find a solution for this for quite some time, I finally decided to post something here to see if anyone can come up with a solution to this :slight_smile:

On WCL, if you look at the Healing Tab, you have the following table:
Perf % Name Amount Overheal ILvlI Lvl % Active HPS

Now if you hover over a bar in the “Amount” column, there’s a smaller table that pops up, that shows a breakdown of which Harmful ability was healed by that healer.

Is there a direct way of filtering healing for all healers by a specific harmful ability they healed?
(e.g. is there a pin where I can directly see how much healers contributed towards Mark of Frost healing for Spellblade mythic progress)

Thanks a lot for your time!

I was also looking for this. I cant think of an “in range” expressions to make it myself so if someone have something i would love it

In the initial example provided, one could view healing done to Mark of Frost targets by creating filter in the queries tab like this, then viewing the healing tab: