WC logs broken links on site

Hello. There may be was same topic about links.
But I see this problem for very long time.
When you open menu (left top corner) - you can see list of raids. Current raid is expanded by default (now it’s antorus). Near raid name on right there are 3 links from 3 icons: reports, rankings and statistics (last icon is an arrow).
Near each boss I see only 2 links from those - rankings and statistics.
I’m a person who uses statistics data a lot, but there is a bug with links.
Icons near raid name work/dirrect me correctly.
But both icons/links near boss names direct me to rankings. So I click on statistics but still move to rankings. I see this bug for so long (since last raid, and I saw it before). Right now to get to a specific boss I have to open raid statistics first and only after specify a boss.
Pls fix this.
I’m using FireFox of last version.
When I mouse over “statistics” link - a hint to this link says It directs to rankings (“rankings” word is in full link).
If you need I can make few screenshots (a bit later), so just say.

Sorry for fast reply. I asked my friend to check, and I shoude have done this before creating the topic.
It works correctly but a bit confusing instead.
The whole row with specific boss’s name directs to rankings. And for some reason on my FireFox shows only hint to this link even when I mouse over those icons. (especially this is confusing when one of the 2 icons does same thing as when u click on boss name). So FireFox always says that all links direct to rankings, but if I click very precisely right in center of statistics icon (arrow) it works, It seems like I’m not always precise and by clicking a bit near or at borders of icon - it moves me to rankings like I clicked on boss’s name instead.
p.s. hints on 3 icons near raid name work correctly probably because of clicking on raid name wont dirrect you anywhere.