Rankings not displaying properly

Hi, I see others are having this issue but I uploaded my BFD logs today and all of the rankings were empty:

I tried hitting Export at the bottom and it appeared to only update the first 2 fights rankings, not the entire raid. Is there any solution to this? Thank you!

Hi there, the partition ended yesterday. The logs you uploaded are post-partition. Join us on Discord - Warcraft Logs or follow us on Twitter - https://twitter.com/WarcraftLogs to stay updated.

Having the same problem. Raid was 06/02/24 around 10:30 / 11:00 PM. Log is uploaded, public but doesnt show up on anyones character page. Only a handful of rankings.

As the reply above says, the BFD partition ended yesterday (Tuesday 6th) at 3 PM UTC.

So, what does this mean? Will the logs for this day not be shown, or what?
Or when It will be fixed ?

It means that the rankings section for BFD ended with the NA patch yesterday. All logs after that time are not included (they are in a separate partition).

Could you please be more specific? Your words lack clarity, and I still don’t understand where these logs are going, what they will relate to, and why they were closed on Tuesday instead of Wednesday.
Thank you.

You can read more about partitions in this article: Rankings and Parses | Archon (WoW - SoD)

We ended the partition after announcing on both Discord and Twitter due to uncertainty around patch release. Join us on discord and follow the vanilla-announcements channel to stay updated with these decisions in the future.