The chinese are cheating the logs

the chinese are hacking their logs tripling values:

How can you use 9 major mana pots and 9 dark runes in a 7m fight?

ban china, don’t be blizzard

This is the result of a bug in the uploader that has since been fixed (in theory). It happens more with poor connectivity. It’s not actually cheating.

yea loatheb has 5.3 mil HP and the CN reigons cheating bosses doing 9 million dmg to a 5 mil HP boss. Its really annoying being in the top 10 DPS in the world and then a cheating CN group of players cheats and modifies logs and knocks down your ranks. I say Ban those profiles posting those logs and anyone else who posts logs with them in it. Ruin their future logging. Any log with their name in it once a log has been faked or cheated invalid. That should keep them from doing it in the future.

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Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft Clearly that is a modified log. Everyone character involved in that log should be banned from ever ranking in the logs for this. 10.57 mil DMG done to a boss who only has 5.34 mil.

This is being caused by a bug in the uploader, not by deliberate cheating. Trying to track it down, but since it’s mostly happening with non-English-speakers, I have been unable to find out what they’re doing in the uploader to trigger it.

so we are just assuming its a bug? literally a lot of people are saying it looks like they changed values.

I know it’s a bug. It’s what I’m working on fixing. Hoping to get the new uploader with the fix deployed tomorrow.

I would like to add that at least in Enh shaman rankings, there are many warriors and rogues, also mostly asian players. Can you do something with that?

Here is the link

Check the gear of some players, clearly warriors and rogues sitting on high rankings.
Check Loatheb’s section for example, 8 players in the top 10 are warriors…

Please do something with these guys ruining the rankings

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Regional Discrimination.

Are you able to identify the bugged logs and remove them from the rankings?