Warcraftlogs uploader stuck at different percentages

Lately, I’ve been having this problem where any logs - be it live or after-raid upload - wouldn’t be able to finish uploading. At some point it’ll get stuck and won’t be able to continue the upload. There is no error being shown or anything. I’ve even once left it over night, thinking it might just be slow at uploading but to no avail. On the website, it would create the log but without any information/fights…

I’ve tried some stuff I found online but nothing has helped so far - reinstalling the client, clearing the folder,etc

having the same problem - did you ever find a solution?

Same problem here :frowning:

Nope, nothing so far… :confused:

I reinstalled and rebooted yesterday but that did nothing. Today the logs uploaded in first try - no idea what solved it.

I have no real solution to offer, since I’ve never experienced this issue and so can’t reproduce it. It just sounds like general network connectivity issues to me.

Is there a way to activate debugging or something? I don’t seem to have any problems with any other program or anything besides warcraftlogs uploader, which creates my blank reports :smiley:

–debug command line argument.

I’m having same problem. Upload stuck around 80% (uasually either 83 or 88). Windows just says program is not responding. Left running for 15-30 minutes no change. Tried to reinstall client and adobe air.