Warcraft Logs Uploader Freezing


I am trying to upload logs to Warcraft Logs using the uploader and every time it just freeze as show below.

From this point onwards it will just show as “unknown zone” on the website aswell as a note saying i have not uploaded any fights yet.

It will then proceed to tell me. “Error: Failed to upload.”

Here is the log i am trying to upload.


This is my first time trying to upload logs to the website.


Hmmm, uploads fine for me. “Error: failed to upload” means there was a network connectivity error. I would make sure you have everything configured correctly for HTTPS.

Are you on Windows or OS X?

Sorry i forgot to add my OS, i am using Windows 10, i have played around with my network disabling firewalls ect to no avail.

Okay so the problem is gone now, not sure how i resolved this but checking what connections were happening on my computer via TCPview somehow got it working.