Warcraft Logs Classic - Shaman Class Detection


We are running two elemental shamans that switch to resto when required. As you may expect, we get funny class detection from times to times. I bolt for 90% of the fight, and do two flash heals, and get identified as a Resto.
But right now, what bugs me is the separation between Enhance and Elemental.

Here’s the damage of Windfury on Gehennas, if that’s relevant :
[https://imgur.com/a/NZhYTSe](http://Damage split picture)

On this fight, he’s categorized as Enhance, after dealing 8% of his damage with melee autoattacks, and hence, he’s compared to them through his ranking.

Wouldn’t there be a way to correct this, maybe something like :
If there is at least one Clearcasting buff gained, then if melee damage < 25% total, then Elemental, else Enhance
If there is no Cleacasting buff gained, then if melee damage < 50% total, then Elemental, else Enhance

While I’m sure there are some hybrid specs that could get wrongly identified, this should cover many cases encountered now.

Thank you for your time and analysis