Warcraft Classic: Cannot log to guild

I created the guild on WCL for my guild Bigglesworth Imports LLC on Deviate Delight server. I am rank 2 in the guild, as co-gm. However, this guild does not show up on my uploader. I have been able to log under personal logs, but then the kids are not attributed to the guild.

I have searched for an answer to this problem. But have not been able to find an answer.


" If you are playing Classic WoW, make sure to switch the uploader from the Live environment to the Classic environment. You can do this by clicking the red Live button in the upper right of the uploader application and then choosing Classic from the provided list. You will know you have the correct environment selected when you see the background image of the uploader change to show Ragnaros. "

Thank you. I will try this when I get home!