V1 Api Rankings issue

Ranking API

This is expecting the “slug” for serverName from the Blizz API. I’m on Area 52, the slug for it is “area-52”, and the warcraftlogs api is returning invalid server name. I’ve confirmed my powershell construct is working by using a different slug name.

Here’s my construct for reference:

I can’t reproduce this. Everything works fine for me over here.

Check it against your web API preview it doesn’t like hyphenated slug realm names. Check US region. I’m also confirming it’s not working through powershell either. I checked 3 hyphenated realm slug names with valid player characters, all returned invalid server errors.

This returns “Invalid character name/server/region specified.” (powershell)
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get “https://www.warcraftlogs.com:443/v1/rankings/character/Squidmagus/area-52/US?metric=dps&api_key=$apikey2

This returns rankings as expected: (powershell)
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get “https://www.warcraftlogs.com:443/v1/rankings/character/Netflxnblaze/whisperwind/US?metric=dps&api_key=$apikey2

Web API error…

If characters do not exist on Warcraft Logs, then you will get this message. Hyphenated slugs work just fine. You’re just querying characters that Warcraft Logs has no knowledge of.

For example, try with Dylemma.

Hello, sorry to dig this out but I’m having issues with my fellow team mates that are on ner’zhul (notify the apostrophe, not a single quote).
From the battle.net api we’re having:


So, this should work:


But it’s not (or at least, I’m not able to make it works)
Instead, this one work fine:


So, should I create a mapping list for this kind of realm ?

(Drynn@Nerz’hul exist in warcraftlog ofc: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11255203/latest/ )

P.S: Thank to the team for your awesome work!

Quick update, after some research:
In US Ner’zhul it’s working fine with the slug:


In EU, I haven’t find any other issue with appostrophed realm’s name like Mal’Ganis or C’Thun.
It seems than only Nerz’hul (EU) is having this issue.

Can I have an update on this ?