Connection to server lost. Quit the app and log in again

I just installed Warcraftlogs, I have no idea how to make it work, I followed the instructions and I’m stuck at the screen where u hit “Go!”, I’m getting the error “Error: Connection to server lost. Quit the app and log in again.” Combat logging is enabled in-game, I have an account etc, my internet is working fine. What is the issue? Any help?

Adobe AIR uses Windows networking. If you get that error, it means you’re not allowing cookies to be set in e.g., Internet Explorer/Edge.

I allowed cookies and turned off any type of add blocker that I have in my browser. I allowed the programs in my firewall to have access to stuff. What else can I do?

You are not allowing cookies through in Internet Explorer if you’re seeing that message.

Alright, so I’ve tested everything to figure out what was needed and what wasn’t, just for the sake of it. I’ll write down what to do for the future if others get the same error.

Open up Internet Explorer (doesn’t matter which version it is), go to Tools, then Internet Options, then go to Privacy and set the bar on Medium. That’s all, that should fix everything.