Uploaded log to the wrong place

I was uploading our guild’s raid logs like i normally do after a raid, though i uploaded them to my personal logs, then deleted the combat log file (i normally do this so i don’t get a huge file). I forgot to change the location of upload (and also to disable trash fights)

Could you move this report:
to this location:
and disable trash fights. [Or allow me to redownload the log file and reupload]

You can move reports yourself. From the overview page, select Edit Report on the right and move it to the guild.


Sorry to revive this old post. Weird question :
I was wondering if only the owner/uploader of the log can move it from his/her personal logs to the guild’s ? Or is there another way ? I’m talking about public logs uploaded to someone’s personal logs. Can I, somehow, export the public log to reupload it as a public log for my guild since it’s a log from a guild raid and I can access it ? So that it may appear for the guildies in their profile.


Yeah only the uploader can since it’s his personal log. Can’t allow other people to mess with someone else’s personal logs. :slight_smile: