Restoring Logs, Please Help!

Please help! I was uploading my logs, I uploaded the whole file and it took me to the place where you upload each individual fight. I uploaded the first fight, then it asked me if I wanted to delete or archive that fight. I chose delete thinking it would only deleted the current fight I was uploading, then when I clicked to go back home it took me all the way to the upload log page and the entire report is gone! This was our first guild raid and I’d really like to get those logs back; what can I do?

Please tell me there if is something you can do!

Nothing I can do. You deleted the actual log file. You could possibly look into tools to recover deleted files on Windows.

Does the fact that I uploaded it initially help? Like, I hit the upload and the bar went to 100%, etc. The information was all there, I was in the process of uploading them individually after that. And I’m not sure where it got deleted to. Not in my trash