Rankings not showing even after export

It is is the current tier, not frozen old content. I have advanced combat logging enabled I am uploading it to the right region.

And yet none of my rankings are showing up on my reports only. My raid leader uploaded logs of the same run and they are showing.

I used the option to export the logs again and the rankings show up, but ‘process’ forever and never make it in to the actual rankings

I am a patron and should skip the queue when uploading logs, but it just sits there on ‘processing patron logs’ or whatever the line is.

I have made new accounts, linked and unlinked battle net and every damn time I get no logs showing, press export, sit in queue forever despite being a patron.

How is this problem specific to only me…

Your guild is in Stealth Mode. Only reports uploaded directly to the guild are allowed to rank.

You are a legend thank you.