Log uploaded wont update to character page

I’ve recorded a log, and later uploaded it. The fights appear as a list and can be looked at from there with all the data and rankings, and everything there looks fine. However, when searching the characters after uploading, the fights and data simply are not appearing there.

I have repeatedly uploaded these fights for days now. I have searched and combed over the internet to try to figure out what the problem is, and have spent hours doing so. There has repeatedly appeared a little red sign saying “In queue” on the top right side of the screen when toggling “Make Public” and later Make Private." Nothing works to update the info to characters. The fights simply refuse to appear on the character pages, and I am hitting my head trying to figure out why not.

Can you link the report?

this is a trimmed version of it


Does the report have to be archived or something?

As mentioned on the rankings tab of the report, if the guild is in stealth mode, then personal logs for that guild will not rank. This is a security measure to prevent the exposure of a guild’s private logs into rankings against their wishes.

Okay, ty. I see. So how do you turn off stealth mode?

Are you talking about under “Claimed Characters” and “Ranking Visibility?” I ask because that is set to “Visible.”

Also, where is this “Rankings Tab?” I must be blind because I have examined the page over and over but dont see any.

There is a circle icon at the top to the far left and that takes you to the home page. Next to it there is an icon with three horizontal lines. If you click on it you get a list of raid names. Next to that icon there is a search bar. Then there are three icons, one for Edit, one for Delete, and one that toggles “Make Private” or “Make Public.” Next to that there is an icon to view streaming. Then there is nothing but to the far right there is an icon that if clicked shows a list of my characters.

Honestly, i feel like I’m from another planet because I have no idea how to find this “stealth mode” setting and there is no “Rankings tab” visible.

Also, thank you for your help. I feel like a child lost in the jungle.


I have that problem too, but I’m at open guild with open logs. Raid Leader’s profile was updated today, but not mine =(


@Fiddleswift It’s a guild setting. Whenever you upload a log to Warcraft Logs, it looks at the guilds the players belong to, and it credits that kill to the guild if a majority of players belong to the guild.

In this case, the guild that you killed it with has enabled a Stealth Mode setting in order to specifically prevent you from ranking their kills from your Personal Logs. This means they’re not going to allow you to rank.

Only Officers in that guild can change that setting, and they do so from the guild settings tab.

@Sugino Your problem was unrelated to this, and I fixed the issue with your character page.

Thank you!

I see. I suspected so. All good, thanks for your replies.