Personal Logs Not Showing On Character Page

I see several posts about this issue and double checked I am uploading to the correct region and game. I am also pretty sure I am not running with a guild that is in stealth mode (normal pugs).

None of my personal logs are showing up on my character pge anymore. The first week of release worked frine but now it is not.

Here is an example log from today: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft

And my character page not updated: Xaple - Skullcrusher - Warcraft Logs

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Hey there, these logs were uploaded to Wrath instead of Dragonflight. Make sure you pick the correct game in the Uploader, or you might need to swap away and back to Dragonflight and re-upload.

If you send an email to, they can move the logs to the correct game for you.

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Weird, I actually didn’t even know the app could be used for Wrath and have never used it for Wrath. However as you suggested switching it to wrath and back to dragonflight causes my live logs to appear now.

Thanks for the help.