Upload help - single encounter

I’m not sure if this is more of an ACT setup question or something I’m doing wrong in general. Currently when ACT records it is in the following format:
-attempt 1-wipe
-attempt 2-wipe
-attempt 3-wipe
-attempt 4-clear

Where each thing is an attempt in that particular raid. However when I try to upload the log, I can only pick things by each zone which then uploads all the fights. For example, Alexander progression. In the time in there, we have about 10-15 attempts. When I go to upload, all the attempts are uploading, wipes and all.

How do I just upload one particular attempt, say our clear of that fight without all the other stuff? Is there a way to selectively delete all the other crap stuff once uploaded if I can’t?

I can manually view that portion of the log for the one fight but I don’t know how to get just that part into something I can then upload.