Completed fights show as wipes?

When I upload cleared fights, specifically from Titania and Innocence, they are all showing as wipes. Even fights that were finished. Have I incorrectly configured ACT? ACT and FFXIV plugin are all up-to-date as of this morning.

I understand the rankings aren’t finished yet, but I see others uploading these fights and they are registering as clears, so it seems I am doing something wrong.

Here’s an example:

Do you have the original log file? If you could make it available somewhere for download that would be helpful.

Here is a report in which I know there were clears:

The corresponding log:!Ao5Slgqe5yAGst9yje1OayAfYAVU5g?e=zREXd1

Here’s another log that I know has clears:!Ao5Slgqe5yAGst9x5JXdgpP2MjnH6Q?e=0omg45

That looks like a v2.0.2.2 log… so it won’t work. Not sure how you uploaded it.

I think I figured it out. Had the upload client open for a while and there had been an update in between. Looks like things are working now with the client update to 1.7.1.