Transferred character suddenly became unsearchable and unlisted under new server ranking

My character was recently transferred (with name-change) to Gilgamesh about a month ago. Shortly after the transfer, she appeared normally under the Gilgamesh ranking list. A few days ago, I was told that the character suddenly became unsearchable. Until a few days ago, this has never been a problem.

Additionally, she also seems to have recently disappeared from the server ranking list.

The character profile still exists:

The character was previously known as:

Settings were also set to “visible.”

Please advise. Thanks!

You’re canonicalized to the server under which you earned the most recent ranking. It’s not a date check though (but probably should be). It’s just based off someone uploading. This means someone probably uploaded an old parse of you on the previous server, and so you’ve presumably canonicalized back to the old character (try typing your previous name in).

This will sort itself out when canonicalization checks happen (every 24 hours) if you upload any new ranked logs of yourself on the correct server.

Thank you for the quick reply! I’ll be sure to try livelogging or uploading my own parses to see if it rectifies the problem.