There are no ranks in this report for this boss


So I’ve been logging and I’m getting this bug where I keep getting this message when I goto the Rankings for our logs.

“There are no ranks in this report for this boss. It’s possible something went wrong during the export process.”

I click export and sometimes it works and I get the rankings, then other times it does not work and the rankings wont come up(for the same fights I was able to see earlier).

We’ve logged Normal Emerald Nightmare and Eye of Azshara Mythic + 2. But both are just bugging out.

I’d just like to know if it’s something I can fix on my end, or if it’s something going on right now with the site! :slight_smile:

Keep up the most excellent work!


Do you have a link to the report that is having trouble?

You logged without Advanced Combat Logging enabled. The uploader warns you about this. Advanced Combat Logging is required in order to rank. You can enable it from the Network pane of System preferences.

Thank you!