Rankings of a fight have disappeared

Earlier today I was doing HFC hc, and was live logging. During the period of which i was in the raid id view the logs right after the boss kills to see me rankings and all, and they would appear. However, once i stopped logging, if I went back to look at the logs, it states “There are no ranks in this report for this boss.”

Below ill link screenshots of the encounters, luckily i still have the tab open that showed the ranks and will link the one that doesnt.

With ranks

Without ranks

You can clearly see that on both screenshots that the dates are the same, same length of the encounter, just one shows the ranks previously but the other one no more. I thought maybe just its a bug on the website, but went on to check the rankings of other players on tyrant but it hadnt updated them.
Also i did have advance combat logging enabled, also i wouldnt have been able to get the rankings to begin with in the first place without it in the first screenshot.