The No.1 HPS in P2 WCL All-Star score 伊唯 is obtained through fraud

His method of modifying wcl log is very clever. Only by watching the reply and comparing his data can I find that it is tricky and very cunning. He can easily modify the overdose treatment into an effective treatment

A funny example:

[Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft]

The full-level holy light reached an astonishing excess of amazing 3.66%. When I turn on the reply , I found that all of them are overdose treatment which are cheated to be the effective treatment.

There is a difference of about 25% between total damage taken and total treatment…Such cheating methods are really inferior…

Today this guy deleted all his records for fear of being verified.

Is there an administrator who can ban him and delete his wcl records?

Is there an administrator who can delete all his fraudulent results?

His name is still hanging on the throne of the world’s number one, is there an administrator who can delete him? I think this is a shame for wcl.

Maybe,no one cares…but it’s a shame ,yeah!