TBC Logging Now Requires /combatlog - Expected?

I have used your system all through classic. Love it.

Now, in TBC, even though System>Network>Advanced Combat Logging is checked on, logging will not work unless I enter /combatlog. I did not have todo this in Classic. Is this change in behavior expected?

Also, if I /reload, then logging will stop and I have to /combatlog again.

I never remember having to do this in Classic. Am I crazy? If this expected? If not, any advice on how to fix? I recognize this is an issue with the WoW client and not Warcraftlogs.com, but any tips anyone has would be welcome! Sick of missing fights!

All logging requires /combatlog… you must have had an auto-logging add-on in Classic that did it for you, and now you no longer have that add-on enabled.

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