Tanking, but getting logged as a Gladiator in Karazhan,

Hey all.
I recently killed Terestain Illhooff with a quite good DPS parse, but as a tank. I tanked him all the way trhough. I switched to berserjer stance around 20% to execute (since he does 0 real dmg), but i got logged as a gladiator and not as a tank. Any reason for this?
Here is a link to the log: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft
Hope you can answer my question :slight_smile:

For the reference, I do the same on a lot of the bosses in Karazhan, but they count as prot.

70% Dstance Requirement. You were only in Dstance for 55%.

Thanks alot for the replay. How is distance meassured? Because i think there might have been a bug then, since i had aggro on him the entire time. (maybe from the loggers side)? And where can you see it?

Not distance, defensive stance.