Suggestion : Sub Region Rankings

First of all , thank you for your patience and hard job undertanding my bad english in this topic ^-^.

Lot´s of times i´ve opened Warcraft Logs to search something about an Spanish player (i´m spanish ^-^) something about how that player will be in a supossed “Spanish All Star” , forcing me to open all spanish realms´s pages to compare the all stars points or the damage on a specific boss.

At the moment we have a page to US , EU (mixed) , Korea , Taiwan and China to find info of a region like : "Best shadow priest in Mythic Gorefind on US " or “Feral Druid with the highest all start points in Korea”.

I would like a sub-region page to merge all Spanish , French , Italian , German , Portuguese , Russian and English.

It is possible to create it?

What do you think about this idea ?

To me and more spanish people sound well , im not the only one who are looking for spanish , french , german , etc. Rank o Sub-region page. But if i didnt search in a wrong way , i´m the first who ask for this feature.

Thank you for your attention. Solrante .

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