Reviewing world rankings from months ago?

I was wondering, if it was possible to review world rankings, as they were, during a certain period of a tier? For instance if I wanted to look up the world rankings of all players between the months of September and October, would that be possible, or is that data no longer available? I tried using the search tool but it seems to bring up the current rankings for whatever reason, is this an issue or is it intended to do so?
Yeah I realize they aren’t very relevent to anything, I won’t be too upset if I couldn’t access them but I thought it’d be a nice addition to WClogs.

Thank you in advance

Edit: to be sure I’m talking about overall rankings, not boss specific ones.

Not possible, since I didn’t store that information anywhere. It’s an interesting idea for the future though. Sort of a historical all stars in the same way I can show historical rankings.