Suggestion for Problems Panel

I was thiking about the “Problems” panel that you need to fix on every encounter and I got some suggestions.

  • you can make default the potions / healthstones / slow deaths on every encounter
  • make a way for the users to build up this pane, like AMR does for his simulations. Users can have the ability to create a panel and add abilities in there (maybe queries-pin like language)? That would require alot of developing and DB space. Maybe have “templates” for the problems panel. One will be defautl and the other user-defined.

Not sure if no2 makes any sense thought :slight_smile:


Yeah, this is essentially how it works now, just without a language exposed on the front end. Normally I can keep up with Problems panes, but this tier has been different, in that I’ve been having to devote all my time to infrastructure just to handle all the extra people playing.

Once that settles down (either through me bug fixing or people just quitting eventually like they always do as the expansion goes on), I will be able to focus more on features again.