Raid Team/Attendence


I’ve played around with the guild settings recently (thanks for granting me permission that fast btw :slight_smile:) and it’s for sure neat already to be able to categories per raid team, but …

We are a pretty small guild, we’re even raiding in cooperation with another guild and still we have to fill our roster with additional randoms, and there’s the problem.
There are 2 raids per week, so a pretty basic raid schedule, but the attendance tab is filled with randoms which only joined us one evening, maybe even two but that’s it.
I’d love to be able to hide those and just check/set the attendance for the main roster.

It be great to get another filter, like the raidteam filter, but with minimal number of attendance or such.

Another possibility I could think of (which would be sure way more work though) to expand raid teams and not just use them as tag for reports, but to make it possible to assign characters to raid teams also (maybe even not just of the guild, but guild independent) and just show those characters if a raid team filter is applied.

Well, apart from that, thanks for the great work you do already, it’s a really great resource to enhance oneself, get hints for tactics and grow as a team!


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