Subtlety Rogue Akaari's Soul - CL not showing summon event

Akaari’s Soul is a artifact weapon talent for the rogue subtlety:

It summons a guardian after 4 seconds after the player use ‘Cheap Shot’ or ‘Shadowstrike’.
Looks like the combat log does not show the summon event making impossible to know who is the owner of the pet.
The summoned pet name is “Akaari’s Soul”:

Are you aware of this issue? I’m wondering if to solve this would be record all cheap shots and shadowstrikes and guess the pet owner.

Summon events aren’t necessary to determine the pet owner since there is an owner field in damage/healing events. Do you have a recent sample log where this actually doesn’t work?

The pastebin i’ve linked is a test done on a dummy.
I have to say that, I’m not aware of this owner field, I’m probably missing it, i tried again with advanced combat log enabled this time (on a dummy and on beta client):

9/11 19:15:31.273 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Creature-0-2084-870-76-105850-000055D782,“Akaari’s Soul”,0x2111,0x0,0000000000000000,nil,0x80000000,0x80000000,158188,“Stealth”,0x1,Creature-0-2084-870-76-105850-000055D782,Player-976-00321FF8,1460520,1460520,16629,4996,3,100,100,0,1599.37,997.08,802

Oh, it’s on the spell_cast, I’d never would see that.
I’m wondering if the Mark of the Hidden Satyr (neck enchant) has the same trick.