[bug] [legion] wrong dk pet owner association

Risen Skulker sometimes don’t correctly associated with owner. In this log owner is ztndk but it’s associated with somebody else not even in party - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/f4YdczgGxKtjQC9P#type=damage-done&ability=212423&view=events&fight=7

Yeah I keep hearing about stuff like this. I am reasonably sure it’s Blizzard’s bug, but I don’t think they know about it. Do you have the original log file so I can prove that it’s their bug?

original log file - https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8muauztpzz1plk/WoWCombatLog-archive-2016-06-22T13-42-38.946Z.rar?dl=0

if i manually separate encounters in text editor and then upload it - it’s all ok…

as i see it’s 100% parser bug - smth like if it’s don’t see summon line like
6/22 01:38:07.034 SPELL_SUMMON,Player-970-001D9ECC,"Fìno-BetaLevelingRealm01",0x514,0x0,Creature-0-2084-1220-11154-99541-000069C1CE,"Risen Skulker",0xa28,0x0,196910,"Raise Skulker",0x1
then parser associate pet correctly but if it see this line even a day a go then it associate pet to this person…

during encounter player GUID is correct - random line with pet looks like
6/22 13:31:32.398 SPELL_CAST_SUCCESS,Creature-0-2084-1458-21171-99541-00006A669D,"Risen Skulker",0x2111,0x0,Creature-0-2084-1458-21171-91007-00006A64A2,"Dargrul",0x10a48,0x0,212423,"Skulker Shot",0x1,Creature-0-2084-1458-21171-99541-00006A669D,Player-970-001E5689,382288,382288,24354,24354,1,0,0,2789.09,2011.43,844

and we can see player GUID in lines like
6/22 13:31:26.543 SPELL_DAMAGE,Creature-0-2084-1458-21171-91007-00006A64A2,"Dargrul",0x10a48,0x0,Player-970-001E5689,"Ztndk-BetaLevelingRealm01",0x511,0x0,209921,"Magma Breaker",0x4,Player-970-001E5689,0000000000000000,1894859,1911438,24354,4001,6,664,1000,2790.48,2002.58,844,16579,-1,4,0,0,0,nil,nil,nil

we can see that ztndk have Player-970-001E5689 GUID
and skulker associated with same GUID but parser takes some random summon line a day ago…

Ok will investigate. Thanks!

Version 3.75 of the client uploader should fix the bugs around the pet owner resource field. Will be live in about 5 minutes.