[bug] sub rogue tallent Secret Technique

if you take talent “Secret Technique” damage of ability consists of 2 portion: standart hit of ability and damage that images do. first portion of damage shows correctly but pet damage shows as separate actor. this bug exists in every single log with this talent. for example:

when there is 2 rogues in party with this tallent damage from both pets combined in one row https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/zCWhF8ycBxJ3PvrR#fight=22&type=damage-done

even if blizzard ruin something with pet owner in logs there is enough information in logs to correctly associate these pets with right owners. may be blizzard will newer fix it like dozen other problems with logs which exists for years. (here i mean that there are lot of raid boss debuffs that don’t generate ingame events and so don’t exist in logs)

Blizzard is aware of this issue and planning to fix it in logs.

thank you! good news.

And yeah, if for some reason they don’t fix it, it’s pretty easy for me to special case, since the pet has the same name as the player.